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The Zmed Brothers

Zach and Dylan (The Zmed Brothers) are an American vocal duo that specialize in close harmony American heritage music. Their mother, Barbara, is a retired 2nd grade teacher of 30 years, and their father, Adrian Zmed (TJ Hooker, Grease 2, Bachelor Party) is an actor/singer/dancer. The Zmed Brothers explain, “From an early age our parents instilled in us a sense of respect for both education and entertainment. We started performing together seriously in 2009 in our LA based indie rock band The Janks. Over time we developed our love for singing together through our original music and through the music of artists we deeply admire. That led us to what we have been doing the last 4 years.. Since 2016 we have had the privilege of demonstrating our proclivities with our show, The Everly Brothers Experience (TEBE) and through traveling the world performing Don and Phil’s global hit songs, celebrating their undoubtedly pivotal influence, and sharing our spirit with hundreds of thousands of people, we’ve been led to discover a treasure trove of greatly influential brother/family acts who were not only pioneers of early country, blues, RnB, bluegrass, and jazz from the late 1920’s through the 1960’s, but also who were key contributors to shaping Rock n Roll and music as we know it today.” There has always been a public fascination with blood harmony, or siblings singing together, and Zach and Dylan aim to carry on the tradition through a blend of original music and through cutting tunes by these artists and writers from the past.